Agent Carter s1e2: Bridge and Tunnel

Rating: 9/10

Peggy Carter continues her investigation into finding out who’s stealing from Howard Stark. She has to work undercover so her bosses don’t realize she’s the one doing it, and discover what “Leviathan” means for her and America.

This episode does a good job of showing what Agent Carter has to do in order to balance her life as a spy and as a woman in 1940s America. She both uses complex gadgets and occasionally getting into fist fights on the top of a moving vehicle, while also having to be a secretary, but one more capable than the men she’s a servant for. In a lot of ways, she’s following the superhero, secret-identity formula of having to constantly hide who she really is, but without the use of a costume (outside of a disguise here and there), or even a secret identity to speak of.

This was a very exciting episode with some good action. I’m interested to know more about Leviathan in the coming episodes and I wonder how this fits into the MCU as a whole. I’m also curious to know if any superheroes or villains will show up along the way, but truthfully, I think I’d be fine seeing how Agent Carter lives in the 1940s Marvel Timeline, well, as long as she keeps kicking so much butt while doing so.


+9: Very exciting episode that leaves me wanting more

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