Arrow s3e15: Nanda Parbat

Arrow — “Nanda Parbat” — Image AR315B_0058b — Pictured (L-R): Matt Nable as Ra\’s al Ghul and John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn — Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW — © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Rating: 9/10

Malcolm Merlyn trains Team Arrow to prepare for the upcoming attack by the League of Assassins but no one is sure they can trust him. Meanwhile, Thea deals with the knowledge that she is Sara’s killer. Also, in the past, Oliver is betrayed…again!

I’ve kind of put this on hold a bit, but as I keep watching MCU shows I realized that the time for ignoring Arrowverse is over.

I think one of the reasons this show works out so well is that we really get invested with the characters. I like Thea and Laurel a whole lot, so even though her admitting to Laurel that she’s the one who murdered her sister is a tad melodramatic, and you could argue this is a time when melodrama is the exact emotion you want to convey, but it works because we are invested in these women and their plights. It’s not what you get from first season when Oliver is discovering for the fifth time that his mother has betrayed him in either the past or present and it feels contrived just for the sake of giving characters something to do. These are people we want to succeed and relate to and we feel for them when times are hard, and that’s why these overly emotional scenes work.

Still, despite the light melodrama, this episode is not without it’s martial arts or arrow-shooting action. It’s a fairly exciting episode as things continue to amp up towards this season’s conclusion. I used to drink a lot, so I honestly don’t remember what comes next…

Oh, and I want to say that Nyssa and Atom are both always welcome additions in my book. Nyssa as a great mostly-villain-but-sometimes-good-guy, and Atom as a bit more of an eccentric hero who maybe needs a bit of a moral boost every now and again. They should team up to fight crime despite them not sharing any scenes together in any episode of Arrowverse so far and being basically polar opposites personality-wise (then again, aren’t those the best team ups?). I know this doesn’t happen, at least up to season 5, but Arrowverse isn’t over yet.


+8: Entertaining and well-written episode

+1: Good melodrama (didn’t know I’d ever say that about anything…)

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