Constantine s1e9: Saint of Last Resorts Part 2

Rating: 10/10

Constantine continues his investigation after using the powers of a demon to heal himself. Now everyone on John’s team, even the angel, Manny, has to come together to try to save his soul.

Something I really like about John Constantine, and I might have said this in a review for a previous episode, but he’s very up front about who he is to everyone. He doesn’t hide that he plays with magic, or, in this case, has a demon trapped inside his body. John doesn’t care if people believe him or not, if they don’t it’s usually their own fault when said demon ends up hurting them. But his honesty really sets him apart from other superheroes, who usually need to hide behind secrets or hold back so they don’t freak people out that there’s a bomb in their brain, or whatever the case might be. John’s a hero all his own and he plays the game by his own rules.

I really like Manny as well. He does a really good job of being an angel, as he is one, and doing his best to guide John in the ways he knows how. Yet, also being something of another foil for Constantine in his search for redemption. Not that I think he tries to be a foe, but John is such a conflicted character he isn’t looking for a savior and knows that demons were once angels, and are just as capable of denying God’s will as human’s are.


+10: Another very good episode, by the way

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