Agent Carter s1e8: Valediction

MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER – “Valediction” – Peggy faces the full fury of Leviathan, as Howard Stark makes his return in the explosive season finale of “Marvel’s Agent Carter,” TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Kelsey McNeal) HAYLEY ATWELL

Rating: 10/10

After the Chief’s death, the SSR is forced to deal with the aftermath of Leviathan without him. Howard Stark turns himself into the SSR in order to use himself as live bait to bring the Russians out of hiding.

This was a great finale for the first season. Action, adventure, attempted murders, and mysteries, everything you’d expect from a season finale of a spy-themed show. I also really like Dr. Ivchenko makes for a great James Bond-esque villain and something of a supervillain but without a mask of any kind. Also, I love it when villains actually get backstories and believable reasons for why they’re doing terrible things.

Howard Stark is a great personality for this 1940s era and I hope he comes back as a permanent cast member in the final season. I guess he wouldn’t be entirely necessary but he’s a great addition to the Peggy Carter team.


+10: Great finale to a great first season

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