Constantine s1e10: Quid Pro Quo

Rating: 10/10

A demon causes people all throughout the city of Brooklyn to fall into comas, including Chaz’s daughter. John has to track down an old friend to help channel Chaz’s daughter’s soul to find her.

After the exciting last two episodes, this feels like a slight step back as we go through a fairly self-contained show. It’s fine, just a tad disappointing, especially since we’re closing in on the end of this terrific series. Okay, as a stand alone episode, this was actually pretty darn good, and if I hadn’t seen any other episodes, I would say this one works all by itself.

It is a great episode actually, feels more like a classic noir mystery story, just that the bad guy is a demon and magic is a given. Actually, if they remade this show purely as a noir mystery show, I would be totally fine with that.


+10: though just a tad disappointing after the great two parter, still a great episode in its own right

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