Constantine s1e12: Angels and Ministers of Grace

Rating: 10/10

When a woman takes drugs and causes her to summon a demon stealing souls at a hospital. At the same time Constantine takes Zed there and it turns out the source of her visions is a brain tumor. Constantine kidnaps Manny in order to force him to heal her.

Another good mystery-based episode, with some more dramatic moments involving Zed and how Constantine deals with it. It makes for some good moments without taking over the whole show with it’s melodrama. Actually, I would say a grieving Constantine is one of the more fun versions of John to watch.

The story involving Manny stuck in a doctor’s body is pretty great too. Hilarious and interesting, and plays right into the main storyline, which I personally think is what ALL side stories should do in every story, it makes things more interesting to watch for one.


+10: Another great episode, though slower paced and less action than perhaps every other episode of Constantine

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