The Flash s1e20: The Trap

Rating: 8/10

With Harrison Wells’ secret out that he’s the Reverse Flash, Team Flash has to be extra careful while working with him in STAR Labs. Also, Eddie wants to propose to Iris and tells Joe. But when Joe doesn’t like it he recruits Barry to help him get Joe on his side.

Another exciting episode, though a different kind of exciting as action doesn’t play a big part this time around. More intense scenes as the team gets closer to the ultimate mystery surrounding Wells. It creates for some great moments, my favorite being Cisco learning to further control his powers by “vibing” himself into a Cisco from another timeline in order to get closer to the truth.

The side story involving Eddie was alright, but it felt like they just needed him to do something. I mean, actors need paychecks but I think it would have been okay to keep this one focused on the investigation and save the marriage storyline for a later episode.


+8: Pretty intense episode with good mystery elements

+1: Thrilling scenes

-1: Every character needs something to do!

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