The Flash s1e23: Fast Enough

Rating: 10/10

After capturing Reverse Flash, Barry finds a way to go back in time and save his mother. But he has to use the Reverse Flash to help him do it.

The acting in this show is pretty top notch. I’m not just talking about this episode, but the people in this show really make the Flash what it is, if they weren’t good at making the show real, then we wouldn’t watch it. So props to the casting department for finding the exact people they needed to in order to make this show work.

Well, this also marks the end of Year 3 for Arrowverse, which was also the first year that involved more than one show. I have to say that I love how the Flash enters the universe, by starting at the very beginning and having to learn everything from the ground up. It’s great, we see our own Flash from birth, essentially, and he’s still learning, I mean, he hasn’t even run so fast he went back in time by more than a day yet, or broken into another dimension which includes more Harrison Wells than we could ever hope for.

Which is good because Tom Cavanagh really makes this show for me. He can play any part. Then again I don’t know if the show would work without Carlos Valdes either, or Candice Patton, or Danielle Panabaker, or Jesse L. Martin, or Grant Gustin of course. So yeah, props to the casting department, they really nailed these characters.


+10: Less action than I would hope, but still great

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