Arrow s4e1: Green Arrow

Arrow — Image Number: ARR_S4_FIRST_LOOK_V4 — Pictured: Stephen Amell as The Arrow — Photo: — JSquared Photography/The CW — © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Rating: 10/10

Oliver and Felicity are trying to live the domestic life, when Black Canary and Red Arrow arrive to ask for his help. A monstrous psychopath known as Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) is now terrorizing Star City with his army of “Ghosts.”

I have to say that Damien Darhk is the absolute best supervillain in the Arrowverse. And it’s not really that he has the most power, though he might, arguably, or that he’s the most evil, again, arguably, probably, but it’s just that McDonough is just so fun to watch as he exhibits his power or does something totally evil for practically no reason. He’s like the Joker combined with a James Bond villain, but then given Voldemort’s powers. Dark is the biggest threat Arrow has faced yet, and he makes it look easy.

Also, I really like seeing Thea and Laurel kicking ass and taking names in this episode. It seems Black Canary finally got that training Arrow kept bugging her about last season. Great action scenes throughout this episode, actually.

One complaint, that’s that the pacing is a bit off, fast action-y scenes followed by slower scenes of people complaining is just, I don’t know, off putting I guess.


+9: Great opening to a new season

-1: Weird pace

+2: Damien Darhk is such a great villain and this is a perfect way to introduce him

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