Supergirl s1e1: Pilot

Rating: 5/10

Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) is a mild-mannered reporter for a country-wide magazine. But really she’s Superman’s cousin and when a plane starts to crash, this is a job for Supergirl.

This show is very different from the other series in Arrowverse. There’s more of a focus on relationship drama for one, even more than the first season of Arrow. We’re introduced to every aspect of Kara’s life in this episode but because she hasn’t been Supergirl in years, her life isn’t exactly interesting at the beginning of the episode. It quickly escalates, but it sets an odd tone for the show. Then again, I guess Superman isn’t the most interesting guy in the world when he’s not in his cape. But I feel it’s not nearly as melodramatic as it is here.

Alright, being that I’ve seen through these episodes before, I know it gets better as it goes on, but outside of a few cool moments, this episode really isn’t as good as it could be.


+5: Decent start but nothing like either the Flash or Arrow pilot episodes

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