Toy Story 4 (2019)

Rating: 9/10

After Bonnie makes a new friend out of garbage that she names “Forky,” but Forky only sees himself as trash and keeps trying to discard himself. Buzz and Woody will have to go to great lengths to rescue him, meeting friends, both old and new, along the way.

Woody’s place in the world has changed drastically since his life with Andy ended. No longer is he the favorite, and is treated more as an unwanted toy who is often left behind during play time. He sees it as his mission to rescue Forky because he feels like the trash that Forky already sees himself to be. Woody convincing Forky that he has meaning to a little girl is Woody convincing himself that his life is also still meaningful.

Then, when he meets Bo Peep again, who has found her freedom as a “lost” toy, making new friends who are similarly free. She’s become the exact opposite of Woody and creates a whole new dynamic between them. Bo Peep as the one who’s brave and smart and Woody as the one who needs saving. Woody is caught between two worlds and cannot choose one without leaving the other behind. It shows us what it’s like to grow up and having to leave old friends behind us. So, on par with every other Toy Story movie.

One complaint, the Forky trying to throw himself away gag goes on for way too long. I get your trying to show the lengths Woody will go to “save” him but I don’t think it needs to be hammered into our skulls for quite this much screen time.


+10: Another instant Pixar classic

-1: Repetitive gag is repeatedly repetitive

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