Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Rating: 10/10

The final chapter in a new trilogy of Star Wars Movies. When it turns out Emperor Palpatine is still alive, Rey, Finn, and Poe must do all they can with barely any rebelion left just as Palpatine rises from his grave to once again rule the galaxy.

I’m going to say that I am one of those superfans of Star Wars that I even like the prequels to some degree. I mean, I know they’re bad movies but there’s enough in them for me to like. Also, I really like Darths and Droids, the internet comic that parodies Star Wars as if it was really a tabletop RPG instead. And part of me wonders if J.J. Abrams made this movie specifically to help out the Darths and Droids people, if only because it feels more like something out of that comic than something made more for a wrap up of 9 movies in total.

But, as an actual review, well, I loved every minute of this movie. And the thing I love about it is that Abrams seems to understand Star Wars quite a bit. The thing about Star Wars is that it’s a space opera. Every scene could be in an entirely different location with an entirely different group of people, but it’s about those people that makes the space opera shine. If you forget the people there won’t be anything for the audience to relate to and the space opera fails. But, if you can create every person to be a real person. So even when we meet someone for only a couple of scenes, we know they can be evil, we know they can be good, we know that they’re a person. This is the essence of a space opera, it’s not the science fiction or the fantastical locations, it’s the people. And if the people feel fake or stagnant then your adventure through space just won’t work. Abrams gets this, and this movie has a good plot and a strong story, but the place it really shines is its people.


+10: I loved this movie, but I also know why others might not feel the same way

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