Arrow s4e9: Dark Waters

Rating: 10/10

Something I just realized is I got tricked into watching a Christmas episode on Christmas. Well, touche, Fate.

After Oliver outs Damien Darhk as the leader of the Ghosts, Darhk fights back by attacking a party Oliver is throwing for his current campaign for mayor, showing how little Darhk cares about public opinion of him. At the same time, Darhk kidnaps Felicity.

This was very tense episode in the best way. Darhk shows that he’s a man above the law, not in how much money he has and who he can pay off, but instead simply through fear. He’s too powerful for the police, and probably too powerful for Green Arrow as well or really anyone without actual superpowers. I kind of want to see the Flash fight him, just to see if he even has a chance, but maybe it’s too much to ask for a superhero to cross over to another hero’s show just to beat the villain of that season. Then again, it’d also be cool to see Flash be beaten by Darhk and have him give up because he’s too powerful. This would build tension a lot as if Flash can’t beat him, how does Arrow stand a chance?

Another thing that would be cool, I think, is if the heroes of Star City and Central City could have villains that they can’t beat and then have to go to the other city to beat them and totally flip the shows, sort of. Just then Arrow would be in Central city as he and his team have to take down an evil speedster, while Team Flash would be taking down some superpowered terrorist in Star City.

Okay, those are mostly just random thoughts, maybe I should actually review this episode? Ah, let’s just go straight to scoring.


+9: Well done

-1: Felt drama heavy at first

+2: Totally flips that around and makes it one of the most intense episodes of the series so far

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