How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Rating: 4.5/10

In the final outing with Hiccup and Toothless (maybe…), love is in the air as a new dragon, the Light Fury, shows up and Hiccup releases Toothless into the wild so they can mate. While Toothless is gone, a warring tribe that both trains dragons but only to hunt dragons, is attacking Hiccup’s village in order to destroy their dragons.

This movie is a beautiful experience. The CGI effects have come very far since the first How to Train Your Dragon. It shows the animators are pushing the technology to its absolute, awe-inspiring limits. What stands out, aside from the amazing animation, is the film’s humor. Many times through its run I found myself gripping my sides with laughter and how hard it tickles my funny bone.

Unfortunately, a film’s graphics and comedy cannot hold up a film by itself. This film has an issue that I feel needs to be addressed and that’s that there’s almost no conflict at all throughout most of the film. Even when the villain shows up it feels more like its forced upon the protagonists just to give them something to do and doesn’t feel entirely natural. I just kept asking myself throughout the whole run of the film, “what reason was this movie made? It doesn’t actually do anything!” Which is not something you want anyone in your audience to ever think. Films need themes, and plotlines, and things for the characters to do. Otherwise it’s all just pointless.

Then we came to the ending which is about as long as the end of Lord of the Rings, you know, after everything is over and nothing is happening for half an hour as all the elves leave? Yeah, same thing, for about a quarter of this films runtime. But I guess you got to stretch out those minutes somehow.


+4: Not the worst movie I’ve ever seen…

+2: Great graphics

+1.5: Pretty good comedy

-2: movies need to have a point, otherwise why should anyone watch it?

-1: The movies not even two hours but the ending just drags

One thought on “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

  1. I haven’t seen this movie, but my guess is that it was made for “90 fucking minutes when my kids are doing something else” combined with “OMG I am a studio and want to make $90,000,000.


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