Agent Carter s2e1: The Lady in the Lake

Rating: 6/10

After foiling a bank robbery and capturing Dottie, her former neighbor and counterspy, Peggy Carter is called to Las Angeles to help a friend solve a case. Together with Jarvis and few other allies, Peggy is hunting down a serial killer.

This episode was good but felt like it was mostly to set up something later. Outside of the bank robbery at the beginning there was hardly any other action. This is fine, as it’s more of a mystery, but even then it hardly focuses on the plot until nearly the end. Instead we’re left with awkward office politics, conversations of Peggy meeting with friends both old and new, and an interrogation that doesn’t go anywhere outside of the redundant “I’ll only talk to Peggy” motiff. And the interrogation itself only shows how incompetent the rest of the SSR seems to be in her absence, but then the only reason she’s sent away is because the new chief feels intimidated by a strong woman. That last part is more a complaint on the 1940s American social climate than on Agent Carter, really.

Once this episode remembers it has a plot, it does turn into a pretty interesting mystery episode with some mystical science behind it. The cliffhanger at the end helps to increase excitement for the rest of the season as well, but this is more than a bit lackluster considering it’s the opening of a new season.


+5.5: Decent mystery but not what I expected for the opening of a new season

-1: weird meandering on unimportant things when they already set-up two interesting plotlines

+1.5: Good mystery once it gets going with some decent spy stuff

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