Agent Carter s2e5: The Atomic Job

Rating: 7.5/10

Peggy and Jarvis team up to steal a corpse, only to discover a plot to set of a nuclear bomb. They have to to do everything in their power in order to save the day.

Considering the title of the episode, I guess I was hoping for more heist tropes than what is presented here. There’s some, but Ocean’s Eleven this is not. Decent episode all the same with a lot more comedy than is normally found on this show. Not that it’s without it’s funny stuff or anything. Decent episode with a lot of action too.

Though I’m fine with the unbelievable comic book stuff, like an actress who suddenly finds herself with the power to absorb anything, but I’m a little thrown by the science-is-magic gadgets in this episode. It does make for some funny stuff though, and I’m guessing this episode is trying more for the romantic-comedy genre, oddly enough, than the normal spy-superhero fanfare.


+8: Good, lots of comedy and a decent plot

-0.5: wacky gadgets throw me off a bit

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