Agent Carter s2e6: Life of the Party

Rating: 10/10

With Peggy injured and SSR corrupted, time is running out on stopping Whitney from unleashing Zero Matter on the world. Peggy is forced to recruit her greatest enemy in order to complete the mission before it’s too late.

I like that Whitney goes from being an already major threat to a full-blown supervillain in this one. I’m very excited to see where the rest of the season is headed. I even liked the romance subplot in this, it wasn’t too overbearing on the actual plot and added a little comedy to an otherwise serious episode.

Lots of action in this one too, something this season has been missing for the most part. I like using Dottie again as a sort of an ally for the moment but an enemy at every other point. The ending is suspenseful as well and makes me excited for the next episode.


+10: Great episode

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