My List: Mallrats (1995)

Rating: 8/10

The second movie from Kevin Smith, Mallrats is about Brodie and TS after their girlfriends dump them, they go to the mall to try to get over them. It’s a zany adventure as TS goes to the most extreme measures you can (while in a mall) in order to get his girlfriend back.

Let’s see, the first 20 minutes or so were full of too much exposition, not enough laughs, and when compared to the great opening of Clerks with Dante falling out of the closet to answer his phone and claim he’s not even supposed to be there today, this was all we needed to know about the beginning of that movie and it was perfect. But here, it spends way too long on these introductory pieces when really they should have started at the mall if they could have.

Once the main characters get to the mall though, this turns into a great 90s R-rated comedy (that’s also aimed at teenagers). This was something that happened often in the 90s, but the studios quickly learned that teens can’t see R-rated movies in theaters and it didn’t really do well in the box office. But, it sold very well on video and DVD, and probably would have done really great on today’s streaming services had it come out today. But at the time, it captured a slice of life, much like Clerks did, of what the youth really thought and felt without the Hollywood fairy tale of how we wanted to show young people to be.

Also, I want to compliment Jay and Silent Bob as every time they were on screen was probably the best and funniest parts of the movie. And to think the studios almost managed to replace Jason Mewes with Seth Green in this part. But Mewes makes this role, and not just because the character was based on him from the beginning, but he brings more heart and breaths more life into this silly stoner than anyone else ever could.


+7: Not quite as good as Smith’s first movie, Clerks, and maybe a little too silly for its own good, but still a funny and entertaining film that is worthy of being in Smith’s View-Askewniverse

-1: Too much exposition in the beginning and it feels like the film could have just started in the mall where things start to get exciting

+1: Honest 90s youth culture combined with off-the-wall zaniness really works for me

+1: Jay and Silent Bob make this film what it is

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