Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)

Rating: 7/10

Jay and Silent Bob discover a movie is being made about them and go on an adventure to Hollywood to stop it. In the process they revisit characters from every other movie in the View Askewniverse and make some new friends along the way.

Again, Jason Mewes really does an outstanding job at playing Jay. He adds just the right amount of cartoonish stoner humor and carries the movie flawlessly on his shoulders. I suppose Will Ferrell deserves some credit as well, as he plays a great villain for this film, and possibly the only person in the View Askewniverse that’s dumber than Jay, but his humor stylings perfectly match this hilarious adventure flick’s tone.

Though the humor is amazing, there are a few jokes that just fall flat on their face. I think the problem is that Kevin Smith works best when he can combine his high ideas with his low-brow humor, creating a dynamic that you really can’t find with other directors (for the most part). Here, the ideas in this one don’t really have a lot of force, though the humor is great most of the time, without the philosophising over the human experience like characters in Smith’s previous films. Jay doesn’t really have the mental capacity for such trivialities (as I’m sure he would see them), it just comes a bit short in comparison. Still, one of my favorite stoner comedies of all time, but it’s not much more than a stoner comedy, albeit a pretty great one.


+8: It’s a fun filled adventure movie and is all the better thanks to Mewes and his hetero-life-mate Kevin Smith, a hilarity-filled adventure like no other (at least, until the Reboot of 2019)

-1: Though most of the jokes are great a few lack any real substance which only shines a light on how little substance this movie actually has (I still love it but it’s true, sorry)

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