Little Women (2019)

Rating: 3.5/10

The tale of four sisters told by Jo March, the writer of the sisters, through their troubles and trials of being a family and being alive.

The costumes and set pieces were all very good and matched the late American 19th century setting, so good it was easy to get lost in the painting-esque feel of each scene. I also really liked the music. The score perfectly matched, and at points even uplifts certain scenes that are otherwise boring or out of place. I also rather liked the acting, in particular Saoirse Ronan as Jo was very good, even if her arc was a bit hard to follow. Also, the cinematography was very well put together and edited to match the feel of the rest of the film. Very good job to the props department as well. Everything came together very well for this film when matching the places and time period.

Okay, I’ve successfully danced around the real issue: this film has no plot. It doesn’t help that it starts somewhere in the middle of the story then flashes back 7 years, but outside of the first time, it jumps back and forth between the two time periods without any really good way to follow it. The characters themselves, though well-acted, are rendered mundane because their stories are too hard to follow. The scenes themselves don’t flow together and because of this it feels like there is no story, simply a series of short films with similar characters and places but otherwise have little to do with one another. I feel like if I watched it again I might have less of an issue with this, but after how bored I felt throughout it doesn’t give me any incentive to want to watch it again. Also, until pretty late in the film, Jo doesn’t feel like a main character, more just the person on the sides telling the story. But there’s no one else stepping up taking the place of a protagonist either, and we’re left with an empty space with no real driving force for almost an entire movie.

Actually there was one point, still not aligned with anything else, but about ten minutes from the end, things got excited and interesting for a few minutes. It felt like they could have made the movie more like just this brief moment it would have been a lot better overall.


+2.5: There’s an old adage I remember from college, “you can’t make a good movie with a bad script” and this shows just that, maybe with a little more focus on a plotline, or a stronger main character with additional drafts, but even with all the pretty sets and costumes, the whole thing feels half-baked

+1: A good sequence that stand out against the rest, it breaths a little levity into an otherwise lifeless movie

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