Agent Carter s2e7: Monsters

Rating: 2/10

After Dottie is kidnapped, Peggy and Jarvis attempt to rescue her. But it turns out to all be a trap so that Whitney can kidnap Jason. What will Peggy and Jarvis do to solve this one? Will they stretch this episode out so we have to find out in the next one?

The answer is yes to that stretching things out bit. Which is unfortunate because this season has had a fairly solid pace up until this one. Maybe because this one doesn’t really nail down any particular genre like every other episode before it, but truthfully it just feels like they didn’t have enough story to really fill an entire episode. Also, they added a love triangle, which just doesn’t feel like Agent Carter on the whole. I mean, is anyone watching this to see who Peggy shacks up with? I’m not saying her life should be without romance, but I’m against it taking such a stronghold of the plot. Then again, these are the types of things that happen when you’re stretching an episode out: unimportant things become the focus.

Outside of that, this episode was still kind of boring overall until near the end when things get really exciting all of a sudden, only to then end on a cliffhanger. So, to me, this says this whole episode has been just to set up the next one. This is like making a movie based entirely around Batman fighting Superman and then instead of doing that just trying to set up a whole bunch of other movies instead. It’s just a ton of filler with no actual substance.


+3: It’s got some decent moments in it, but for the most part feels like you can skip it entirely without missing much

-1: in the world we live in, where episodes are meant to continue from where the last one left off (as opposed to resetting everything like TV used to do) filler episodes just shouldn’t exist

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