Harriet (2019)

Rating: 10/10

This tells the story of Harriet Tubman, an escaped slave who kept going back into the South in order to free more and more slaves on the Underground Railroad. She was one of America’s greatest heroes, kind of a combination of Robin Hood, Joan of Arc, Spartacus, and Batman why not, and yet this is the first time a movie was made about her life, over 100 years since her death, which is just a tragedy in itself considering how influential her life was for America.

This was an amazing movie. It’s hard to make biopics stand out like this, but I suppose when working with the life of someone like Harriet Tubman, it’s probably harder to make the story boring than vice versa. The acting was perfect from all involved, the story itself magnificent in how it brought both the drama and the action in Harriet’s life to the big screen, the period pieces and costumes stood out, really everything was great, except for just how long it took to make a movie like this for Harriet Tubman’s life.

And what a life she led, truthfully, and I’m surprised for saying this given how I usually like my movies tight and slim. But the bit at the end when she leads a charge in the Civil War, I wouldn’t have minded this being dragged out another hour or so to show her part in the bloodiest war in American history. Maybe that’s the sequel?


+9: A strangely action-packed biopic, this movie might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re a fan of history of the American pre-Civil War era, you can’t go wrong with this film

+1: This is for the amazing acting from Cynthia Erivo (and the rest of the cast, actually) but I want to mention I don’t think I would mind Harriet 2: Civil War as an even more action-packed follow up

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