Clerks 2 (2006)

Rating: 10/10

Dante and Randal are back for another day of working at a dead end job. But after the Quik Stop burns down they’re now working at Mooby’s fast food restaurant. Dante is about to move away and it’s his last day working there before he leaves New Jersey forever for Florida.

This is a great follow up to the original Clerks. I suppose with the principal cast returning, along with multiple new characters, Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse continues with it’s first sequel and a return to where it all began. This time treading into territory that Smith has never gone before, dance sequences and donkey shows! Though, fortunately, not at the same time.

As a long time fan of Kevin Smith’s films, it’s hard for me not to like this movie. It’s a return, of sorts, to the high-concepts ideas of what it means to be alive in this world, along with even more dick and fart jokes than ever before! Actually, there’s something about low-brow jokes like that, when done intelligently and differently like Kevin Smith does, they can be quite original and hilarious even if it is gutter humor.

My one complaint is this very awkward scene with Dante and Becky in the office. I mean, I learned once that films were meant to elicit emotional responses, but I don’t think that emotion was meant to be so embarrassed for the characters that you just want the scene to end.


+10: For a fanboy like me, this was a great experience with some of the best jokes and moments in any Kevin Smith film so far

-1: Just a very awkward scene. I guess it was well-acted and written and such, so it really wasn’t anyone’s fault except mine for not liking it very much

+1: The acting in this one was pretty stellar but I want to especially give props to Zak Knutson for his performance as the Sexy Stud, his part isn’t major but he somehow steals every scene he’s in

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