Cop Out (2010)

Rating: 7.5/10

Two policemen are hunting for one of their lost baseball cards and get distracted chasing drug dealers, but are more caught up in their own personal problems to pay attention to the task at hand.

Bruce Willis and Kevin Smith infamously didn’t get along during the filming of this movie. It shows, to some degree, that Willis is definitely not bringing his A-game on this flick, but it doesn’t distract from the funny jokes and the fast-paced plot, and Tracy Morgan acts circles around Willis keeping things incredibly fresh and hilarious throughout the film.

This movie isn’t without it’s problems, especially for the people on set at the time, but the end product is still a fun action-adventure that didn’t deserve the universal panning on its initial release. It’s different and unique amongst similar buddy cop films as well, and deserves a watch for that alone.


+6.5: You can tell not everyone is having a good time making the film, but it’s still an entertaining and fresh movie that stands apart from others in the genre

+1: Tracy Morgan is hilarious and great in this film

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