Birds of Prey And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

Rating: 10/10

After Harley Quinn and the Joker break up, she’s no longer under his protection and every criminal in Gotham City is out to get her. The one who wants her more than anyone else seems to be Ronin Sionis, aka Black Mask. Harley has to team up with a new group of badass women as she tries to protect a young girl from Ronin’s clutches.

This movie was very well done from start to finish. It feels like because Joker made a movie where he went fully crazy that Harley had to do the same, except this isn’t serious-drama crazy like the Joaquin Phoenix film, but instead a good mix of comedy and action done as if the whole thing were a live-action cartoon. It makes sense though, because, as Harley Quinn’s voice-over narration implies from the outset of the film, this is a movie done entirely from the perspective the most insane woman in Gotham City. If the film’s style didn’t match her deranged mind I don’t think the movie would have been quite as fun or unique.

I also appreciate the use of Black Mask and Victor Zsasz in this one. Ewan Mcgregor does a great job as Sionis and as a villain in general being that I don’t think I’ve ever seen him be one before. And those names aren’t exactly well known outside of huge Batman geeks like me (maybe a little more famous now thanks to the Batman: Arkham video game series). But they get their characters right and they both play decent psychotic threats to the equally psychotic Harley.


+10: Though not everyone’s cup o’ tea, this was a very unique film in our continuing to grow mountain of superhero movies. A great cast, cool cinematography, and cartoonishly amazing fight scenes to boot.

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