Spider-Woman s1e1: Pyramids of Terror

Rating: 7/10

Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman, is a reporter for Justice Magazine when she’s not fighting crime. Given her powers from a serum developed by her father at an early age, she uses them in this episode to battle a mummy!

After Arrowverse decided to blow up and consume every other DC property, more or less, I’ve decided that every other Marvel or DC medium is probably involved in either multiverse in some way. And really they’re both the right cameo away from being in each others multiverses, so I’ve chosen to review everything based on either a DC or Marvel comic…eventually.

Anyway, this was a good start to a character that I really don’t know that much about, outside of the character was initially created before someone else stole the copyright for the name “Spider-Girl” since there was already some conflict over a few other names *cough* Captain Marvel *cough* but as a character made to avoid a lawsuit, this was a very strong female superhero and even though this only lasted a season it began a trend of Marvel-made TV shows in the 80s.

One thing to note, this show has an odd tone. It feels more like the plot of a B-movie than something superheroes would really be involved in. Then again, I’ve read a lot of comics and I know fighting a mummy really isn’t that weird compared to some of things I’ve seen invade the world or the like. Also, both Frankenstein and Dracula are well established characters in DC comics so having a mummy to fight really isn’t that far off. Still, it feels more like something you’d see in Johnny Quest or the like than having a superhuman needing to get involved.


+8: Good start to what feels like it could be a great superhero cartoon

-1: Kind of an odd storyline, but I’m not sure what they’re trying to do with the show just yet

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