Superman (1941) s1e1: Mad Scientist

Rating: 8/10

Superman must stop a mad scientist from destroying the city with a laser canon and save Lois Lane in the process.

It seems the Arrowverse has blown up to such a degree that it now includes a lot of DC films and television since practically the comic company’s creation. Thankfully it doesn’t include everything (yet) as there’s a lot more DC media out there than I realized before I looked it up just now.

This isn’t really a TV series. Though the television did exist in this time period, it was mostly a niche market until the 1950s. These were short films produced for theaters for ten minute slots, being that these are super short, I’ll keep each review fairly short as well.

This was very good animation for it’s time, but being that this is the most expensive animated series ever (when adjusted for inflation) that shouldn’t be surprising. It’s worthy of being a Superman property. I also like the music a lot. It’s a very simple plot however. I know they only have ten minutes or so but it feels like this was very lacking on story. The most interesting part was Lois standing up to her boss wanting more interesting pieces to cover in the newspaper, but then she immediately gets kidnapped. Then again, Superman was a very new property at the time and I suppose Lois’s primary “job” in the comics at the time was getting rescued by Superman, so I won’t fault it for that.


+6: An achievement for its time, and short enough to keep anyone with an Amazon Prime subscription entertained for its length

+2: Great animation and music

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