Superman (1941) s1e2: The Mechanical Monsters

Rating: 7/10

While Clark Kent and Lois Lane are reporting on a museum exhibit for jewels, a robot invades and kidnaps Lois and steals all the jewels. This looks like a job for Superman!

A character I’ve always liked in the Superman comics is Lois Lane. It might seem at first that her only job is getting into trouble so Superman can save her but this isn’t exactly the case. She’s a very strong woman and mostly just interested in being a good reporter. She also doesn’t frighten easily, something shown here as she’s dropped off in front of this shows mad scientist and he tries to threaten her and she stands her ground. She’s a superhero in her own right and should get her own series somewhere. Or give her a movie, why not?

Anyway, outside of Lois being awesome, this feels a lot like a rehash of the previous film in the series. An evil scientist is robbing places, kidnaps Lois, and Superman stops him. All rapped up nicely in a tiny bow. I mean, these are extremely short cartoons so the stories can’t be too complex I realize, but it feels like this show needs a supervillain or something. Nameless mad scientists aren’t really good matches for Superman and it shows.


+7: A little repetitive but still lots of fun and you can tell there’s been a quality improvement from the first episode in the animation

+1: Lois is a great character and shown here how fearless she can be

-1: Repeated first episodes plot, more or less

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