Spider-Woman s1e2: Realm of Darkness

Rating: 9/10

Dormammu, a demon from another dimension, wants to stop the moon to plunge the world into eternal darkness. Can Spider-Woman stop his nonsensical plan?

Okay, this shows me that this show is indeed a B-movie in half-hour cartoon format. That’s actually pretty great and makes a bit of sense. Things can be a little over the top and plans like “shooting a missile at the moon” to get it to stop in the sky and block out the sun, none of this makes any actual scientific sense, but that’s part of the fun! We all know his plans going to fail no matter what it is, he might as well have the plan to build a giant light switch to “switch off” the sun and we all know that A, it’ll work if he does it and B, Spider-Woman will stop him in just the knick of time. And again, this isn’t actually that far of a stretch from the weird stuff I’ve seen Dormammu do in the comics.

It’s nice having a supervillain in there too. Watching those Superman cartoons made me miss them. Also, it’s cool seeing that Spider-Woman isn’t limited to villains from her own comics like…wait, who does Spider-Woman fight? I still don’t know enough about her…


+9: A very enjoyable B-styled sci-fi with some great, and ridiculous, dialogue and plotlines

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