Spider-Woman s1e3: The Amazon Adventure

Rating: 4/10

A group of Amazon’s rob Fort Knox and Spider-Woman has to track them down to a lost Inca City of Gold. Can Jessica get the gold back?

Being that they live in a city made of gold, I wonder what Amazon’s could need even more gold for. I guess if they explained themselves in any way. But no, this feels like an episode they came up with the name for “The Amazon Adventure” and then everything else came second. Really, these Amazon’s have no reason to be doing any of this outside of this episode needed a plot. I guess I shouldn’t be expecting more than I am considering how much they’re relying on pseudoscience most of the time and not actually thinking out solid solutions to either the conflict or the payoff, just pull something out of your butt and move on, I suppose.

Actually this feels like a few generic kids cartoon show plots mixed together and seems like something more fitting on Johnny Quest or the like. Except with less thought put into any creative decision.


+4: The B-Style isn’t doing it for me this episode, not enough of it in lew of dumb plot points I suppose

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