Supergirl s1e8: Hostile Takeover

Rating: 10/10

Supergirl’s evil Aunt Astra comes to Earth and everyone at the DEO has to pull all their resources to fight her. Meanwhile, CatCo has to fight against a hacker trying to leak Cat Grant’s emails to the public.

Well, this show finally did it and made the office politics stuff more interesting and entertaining than the superhero part. I don’t think anyone wanted that but they went ahead and did it anyway. And it works! And they find a way to use Kara’s powers in a way that combines both genres, so to speak, as she overhears with her super hearing vital information about who could be hacking Ms. Grant and going behind her bosses back.

Though the “who is screwing who” storyline in Kara’s work life is very intriguing, this episode is not without it’s action as Astra calls Kara out into one of the best fights so far in this series. Hopefully this is an indication of things to come.

Laura Benanti does a great job of being the villainous Astra. She feels like Zod and Darth Vader mixed together by how unstoppable she can seem at points with the kanivingness of Loki to boot.


+10: This is probably the best episode yet, showing that a slower pace doesn’t keep a show from being thoroughly entertaining for every second of screentime

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