Superman (1941) s1e4: The Arctic Giant

Rating: 6/10

A tyrannosaurus rex thaws out from a glacier in a museum and starts recking Metropolis. Can Superman save the city from this prehistoric threat?

It’s pretty standard fanfare at this point of a large problem happening that Superman has to solve. The T-rex was quite an upgrade from the typical goons in the first three episodes. The animation itself is pretty top notch in this one.

The fight between the T-rex and Superman is painfully cut short. It seems to end rather quickly actually, and makes me wonder what did they do with the dinosaur after Superman defeated it? Or did he kill it? I suppose that would make sense why they needed to cut away then.


+6: Decent but nothing too new from what’s come before

+1: Definite upgrade with the dinosaur villain, but it’s still no Lex Luthor or Mr. Mxyzptlk

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