Captain Marvel (2019)

Rating: 8/10

Vers/Carol Danvers is training to fight in a war against the Skrull alongside another alien race, the Kree. This battle leads both groups to Earth where Nick Fury helps in the conflict while trying to keep his planet intact in the process.

Taking place in 1995, this film ignores every other movie in the MCU that’s come before (by coming before all of them, except the first Captain America movie) in order to tell it’s own story. One that seems simple enough on paper, stop the evil alien race before they get the macguffin, but thanks to a few twists and turns, nothing is really quite what it seems. It doesn’t help that shape-shifting aliens means pretty much everyone isn’t always who you think they are.

I especially like Samuel L. Jackson in this one, thanks to de-aging he gets to play Nick Fury while he was also starring in Pulp Fiction. This is as much Fury’s movie as it is Captain Marvel’s, and adds to the mysticism of the whole experience.

However, Brie Larson’s performance is somewhat lacking in this movie. It’s as if she’s not giving enough “oomph” to the character, but it probably doesn’t help that her character arc is her having amnesia and everyone else essentially explaining to her the way “she used to be” or whatever. The only parts that really feel real from Larson however are the ones between her and Nick Fury. Throughout the movie it really feels like they have a growing friendship, but outside of that Larson rarely gives the reaction you’d expect to any stimulus given to her.

Preview(opens in a new tab)

Preview(opens in a new tab)

There’s something else I should mention, that the whole movie is rather dreamlike. Many scenes are playing out in Danver’s head, which doesn’t help the experience. It works for the most part, it almost makes me wish there was a Wizard-of-Oz-like scene at the end where she wakes up. Thinking of it something like a dream makes Brie Larson’s somewhat strange acting throughout the movie make sense.


+7.5: Pretty good overall, has an entertaining quality, a little hard to follow at first (having three beginnings doesn’t help) but I like the style enough that this part doesn’t bother me and once the story gets going it really keeps a good flow going for a mid-90s adventure. Also, I hope that this means Marvel is free to make movies from many different time periods throughout the timeline

+1: I like movies with twists in them, especially when you don’t see them coming, but I guess you will now if you’re reading this before seeing the movie…dammit!

-1: Brie Larson is a bit flat in this, considering she’s the title character I guess I was hoping she’d be more charismatic like Iron Man or Starlord

+0.5: The dreamlike qualities to this film make it a unique experience unto itself, though only style over substance it’s still something nothing else in the MCU has done before

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