Watchmen s1e1: Its Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice

Rating: 10/10

A continuation from the 1987 comic book series from Alan Moore, this series shows the aftermath of how the world copes with superheroes 34 years after the events of the comics (which is 2019). This opening episode chronicles how a white supremacist group donning Rorschach masks as they battle a police force consisting only of masked vigilantes in Texas.

I am thoroughly impressed by this pilot episode. It has a terrific style that matches the darker and more realistic tone of the comic books that a longtime fan like me can really appreciate. It also takes things from the comics while making it totally new and using this moments more to pay homage to Alan Moore’s original work without just retelling or rebooting the same story over again.

I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed and hoping the rest of the series is just as good as this episode has been. Great form all around, almost something more than just another TV show, almost.


+10: A great beginning to what I’m hoping is a great series, good acting from everyone and enough mystery about the world they now live in to keep you guessing as to what’s even going on in this crazy world

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