Watchmen s1e3: She Was Killed By Space Junk

Rating: 10/10

FBI Agent Laurie Blake is part of the Anti-Vigilante Task Force and is assigned to Tulsa Texas to work the murder case. Once being a vigilante herself, she’s a step above everyone else when it comes to this case.

Another great episode, and everything seems to fit right into where the comic book left off despite being a giant step forward in time. The mystery is continuing to build, especially with Jeremy Iron’s character as he gets into some pretty weird stuff in this one but I suppose that’s to be expected at this point.

I’m binging through this for something else, so I’ll try to keep these short. At least until I find something to complain about the show.


+10: A great episode, I like that it matches the graphic novel to come before it, in both substance and style.

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