Watchmen s1e4: If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own

Rating: 10/10

The plot thickens as we discover two things, first that Ozymandias seems to be trapped in an unknown location with a never-ending supply of clones… for some reason. And secondly, that a rich billionaire from the 51st state, Vietnam, has taken over Veidt’s company and seems to evil, but it’s too soon to call.

Since I can’t complain about anything, I’ll start picking out things to compliment. This time I want to focus in on the cinematography which does an amazing job of capturing the feel of the comics, itself drawn in a more classic-comic style, and this captures that style without copying it’s scenes, though I’m sure you could probably find a lot of similarities between the two. I also like how the music is used expertly to flow with each scene cinematically, it’s use is one that matches the comic’s style with how it matches it’s style to the scene rather than the other way around.


+10: Just a great show, really

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