Watchmen s1e5: Little Fear of Lightning

Rating: 10/10

In this episode we delve into Wade/Looking Glass’s baskstory and explores how his world is shattered by the 7th Kalvary. Also, Veidt escapes his prison…for a moment.

Another great episode, and this time I’ll talk about the writing. It’s a great mix of drama and mystery, but it feels more like a mystery for the audience than for the actual characters. Such as Veidt’s story, he’s not surprised by the things happening around him, he’s quite used to it by this point, but it only slowly reveals things to us and leaves us guessing. It just keeps building up to something that I’m hoping is going to be its own “squid monster.” I only hope it’s as good a reveal as that one at the end of the comic book, anything less would be a huge disappointment.


+10: A great character piece that slows down the main plot quite a bit but works for the episode and really picks up once a few conspiracies are revealed

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