Watchmen s1e6: This Extraordinary Being

Rating: 10/10

Sister Night takes too much of her grandfather’s Nostalgia, a futuristic drug that apparently lets you share the memories of whoever it’s prescribed to. As Night ODs, she also relives her grandfather’s past and learns that masked vigilantism might run in the family.

This episode goes through the backstory of a character that I’m sure many fans have been waiting to see and doing it in an interesting and unique way. Another match to original comic, in this way like Dr. Manhattan and how he lives his memories as if her were actually there living them, but in this case it’s someone reliving the life of someone else.

I’m going to compliment the acting this time as everyone does a great job of playing their parts as very real and very flawed people. No one is perfect and all sides are shades of grey, this is how things are, not how they should be like other superhero properties mainly project.


+10: This is a good show, okay!?

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