Watchmen s1e7: An Almost Religious Awe


Sister Night relives the worst parts of her past as she’s treated for her overdose on Nostalgia. Laurie finds herself in danger as she chases down her latest clue.

Plans are revealed in this one as we’re gearing up for what I’m hoping are some climatic upcoming episodes. Still keeping with it’s terrific style with tons of substance to back it up. I like the direction they’ve taken with this series as a whole and am surprised that something like this, a sequel to one of the greatest graphic novels of all time, doesn’t drown under its own hubris (like so many supervillains do, I might add). Instead this is a labor of love for the original property while also creating something in a similar style that doesn’t just retread old waters. I think I’ve basically said this already in every review for this, ironically…


+10: Terrific series that I recommend to anyone who’s a fan of the comic, or just a fan of dark realistic television about superheroes.

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