Watchmen s1e9: See How They Fly

Rating: 9/10

Everything comes to a head as many twists are revealed, almost too many twists actually, and then Lady Trieu does something evil. But can she be stopped?

Okay, I almost don’t want to say anything because it’s hard to do without spoiling something. But I’ll just go ahead anyway. Still SPOILERS (probably) FOLLOW!

Now then, this is the series finale of what is actually a really good follow up to the original 1987 comic book. It takes what was laid down in that story and expands on everything and also makes it take place 34 years lady in the modern day. These are all really good ideas and in a way I feel it leaves things open as to what could happen next, or what may have happened during the intervening years. I wouldn’t mind more of a look into this universe, but I know it would have to be handled by the right people in order to work. We’ve already seen what happens when people take the Watchmen name without really knowing what the story is, just look at the Zack Snyder film or the limited Before Watchmen prequel comic book series (which has some good issues but most are really lacking any actual substance). What we need for more of a good thing aren’t talentless people looking for a cash grab from this comics fanbase but the people who love this story for what it is and want to expand on it into something new, now that’s something I could get behind.

Anyway, all that being said, I have one complaint about the series. That’s the climax that’s presented in this episode. It’s not original, they more or less stole it from one of the Wolverine movies. Which is very disappointing for a lot of reasons. Everything else up to this point was great, taking parts of the old property and then telling it all in an original way that echoes the style of the comic. The comic, however, had a great ending, a real twist, something totally original, or at least something Shakespearean-esque for a modern day. A tragedy, a comedy, and a climactic win, all at the same time somehow. But how it ends here, with all this build up throughout the whole series for this very moment, just makes for a huge disappointment on the whole.

However, this is just the climax, the actual ending I feel is very well done and leaves things a little open for interpretation (though if you think about it, it’s obvious what happens after the credits roll). But still, very good ending that leaves me wanting more and is much more satisfying than the end of the mystery aspect of the show.


+8: A very good show overall, and nearly perfect, if not for the disappointing final “twist”

-1: Too many reveals one right after the other

+1: The actual ending is amazing though

+1: Bonus point just because I’m a super fan of Watchmen in all its forms and this is second only to the original comic


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