The Flash s2e14: Escape From Earth-2

Rating: 10/10

With Flash trapped on Earth-2, Zoom is able to be the terror of both Earths. How will everyone cope while Barry is gone? And how will Flash get out of this one?

I really like how much they like to make actors play alternate parts, in this case the exact opposite characters on Earth-2. I know it gets even crazier later with just how far they go into other universes. There’s also the Crisis of Infinite Earths coming up in a later season and God only knows what happens there. Anyway, this was a very intense and well acted episode that I enjoyed thoroughly the whole way through. It felt more like a classic comic book adventure than the normal drama-based superhero fanfare, very well done overall.


+10: A very good follow up from the previous episode with just the right amount of all the pieces I enjoy about this show

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