Iron Man 2 (2010)

Rating: 4.5/10

Beginning directly after the events of the first Iron Man film, Tony Stark’s invention is attempted to be replicated from many countries around the world. It seems that no one can reproduce it, until a man named Justin Hammer teams up with a Russian supervillain called Ivan Vanko. And they reproduce that thing Stark did!

Okay, I’ll say up front I’m not a big fan of this movie. But let’s start off being complimentary and say that the first half of this movie is totally fine. It feels like a solid sequel to the first film, and feels like it’s setting the second half of the film to be, um, a second half a film. Also, throughout the whole film I feel there’s decent comedy, though some of it is a little out of place. Additionally, the moments between Tony and Pepper Potts are realistic and Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow have some great chemistry together and were perfectly cast for their roles. I also thought Sam Rockwell makes a good villain, though his character isn’t well thought out by any means.

Well, here’s all the parts I didn’t like. Neither of the villains had backstories, at least not in any way that actually explained why they were doing the things they were doing, and they’re storylines seem to take a back seat to the army wanting to commandeer Stark’s technology and Tony just saying “no.” Really this should have been the primary story without them shoehorning in so many different plotlines. This would have been fine, too, if they just told the story correctly. Up to about the middle of the movie, it has a pretty good flow, but that all falls apart after the midpoint as the story just stands still, which is weird because there’s things they could have done instead of these completely pointless scenes, such as explaining the villains backstories.

Also, the “final boss battle” if you can even call it that, is so disappointing and lame it’s no wonder that Mickey Rourke is so easily forgettable in this film, that and he literally has no backstory so I don’t know why he’s doing any of this. He’s just there to be there.


+5.5: Not the best follow up to the original Iron Man, but not entirely unenjoyable either.

-1: Really dropped the ball on the bad guys in this one

-1: Too many time wasting scenes which are extra disappointing as there’s stuff they could have shown us instead which would have made the plot better as a whole.

+1: Decent comedy, though just sprinkles of it throughout, also I like the chemistry between Tony and Pepper

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