The Flash s2e15: King Shark

Rating: 8/10

King Shark escapes from an ARGUS secret prison for holding supervillains sent over from Earth-2 by Zoom. His mission is to kill the Flash of Earth-1. Meanwhile, after Cisco saw the evil Caitlyn on Earth-2, he’s starting to suspect her Earth-1 counterpart of becoming Killer Frost.

There’s a side story in this one about how Barry is trying to bond with Wally, Joe’s long lost son, but Wally is too jealous of the attention the rest of his family, which feels like the whole thing would be solved, once again, if Barry just told him he was the Flash. I dunno, it’s weird that the drama between superheroes and people who don’t know they’re secret identity seems to always be pretty much the same. And it’s all solved the same way with whichever superhero revealing their identity to them, which starts much more interesting problems. Either the hero should be figured out sooner, or do something else with characters whose sole purpose is to be in the dark.

Outside of that, the other drama with Barry and Cisco dealing with the things they’ve seen in the other world is much more interesting. Also, once King Shark shows up in Barry’s house things become very action oriented really fast. It’s nice having Flash fight one on one with a real monster. Well, nice for me, not the Flash and the people of Earth-1. Does that make our world Earth-0? Earth-Nothing? I dunno….


+8: A pretty good episode though feels like a step back from everything that’s been happening lately, still it’s nice to have these one-shot episodes especially one’s with such iconic villains like King Shark. Hopefully this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him either.

-1: Stop it with the secret identity crap, considering how many people aren’t in the dark it’s kind of rude when someone comes in and everyone is lying to them in order to protect the superhero

+1: The good drama and action more than make up for the subpar side plot

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