Superman (1941) s1e8: Volcano

Rating: 2.5/10

A Volcano that’s been dormant suddenly becomes active again, the Newspaper chief assigns Lois and Clark to investigate, but when the volcano started erupting, can Superman save the day?

There seems to be some tension between Lois and Clark in this one, mainly they don’t seem to like each other at all. This is not something that’s brought up in any of the previous shorts in the series, so I’m not sure if this was something that was being done in the comics they were trying to match or if it was just something they decided for this episode only. It’s just a bit weird to me, but maybe I just haven’t seen enough iterations of Superman yet but it just doesn’t feel right he and Lois not getting along.

This is basically what we should expect at this point. Lois reports on something, Superman has to stop it and save Lois, but it turns out Lois can take care of herself, mostly. This is the plot of every one of these so far! I get these are 10 minutes or less but, as shown by many Adult Swim shows, if that’s still even a thing, you can do a whole lot in ten minutes. I guess kids at the time were just so excited to see Superman on the big screen they didn’t care it was all just the same rehashed overused plot line. Then again, that’s basically what comic books were at the time, so I suppose I can’t blame this creative decision entirely on the people making the show.


+5: For about half a second I thought they were about to do something different… nope.

-1: Huh? About the weird Lois and Clark hate each other storyline, it’s just there to rationalize Lois stealing Clarks press-pass so he can’t go with her. Really out of character for her, but I guess since they “hate each other…?”

-2: And it’s just the same plot over and over again too, I mean, we should just watch the first one and understand everything we needed to, didn’t really need a whole series like this that’s also completely devoid of supervillains as far as I can tell

+0.5: The lava animation was pretty cool

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