Superman (1941) s1e9: Terror On The Midway

Rating: 4/10

The circus is in town and Lois and Clark are reporting on it for the Daily Planet. A giant gorilla breaks out of its cage and causes all the circus animals to stampede. I guess this is a job for Superman?

Clark and Lois seem to be friends again, so I guess that was just something that happened in the last short. Anyway, this one was decent though feels like a step back considering he’s just quieting down a circus that can’t keep its animals in line. It’s still following the formula of these though, though for a moment I thought they were going to give Lois the win on this, but still Superman had to come in and save the day.


+5: Just another average episode

-1: Fighting gorillas is just such a downgrade from what we expect from Superman at this point (well, unless it’s Gorilla Grodd, but alas, still no supervillains)

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