Legends of Tomorrow s1e5: Fail-Safe

Rating: 10/10

With Stein kidnapped by Russians and Mick, Cold, and Atom are stuck in the Gulag, so it’s up to what’s left of the rest of the team to try to stop a mad scientist from harnessing Professor Stein’s power before the Russian’s win the Cold War.

Wentworth Miller is an amazing actor and is awesome as Captain Cold. He has a way of being both a team player yet only being out for himself (and his partner Mick) simultaneously. He’s playing all sides of the team yet also somehow holding them all together. He’s a criminal with a heart of gold and more honor for a thief than you’d expect. What a great character!… Is all I’m really trying to say.

This was a very well-paced episode with a good story and well-written drama. I know I was longing for the comedy in later seasons in the last review but this one was surprisingly devoid of it and still worked out for the betterment of the show.

+10: I think I also like jailbreak movies a lot too, so that probably helps

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