Legends of Tomorrow s1e6: Star City 2046

DC\’s Legends of Tomorrow — “Star City 2046” — Image LGN106b_0248b.jpg — Pictured: Steven Amell as Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Rating: 5.5/10

After Gideon was damaged while they were escaping the 80s, the Legends crash land in Star City in a future where it seems gangs have taken over the streets. Unfortunately, their stuck until the Waverider is repaired, and it seems some of the Legends like this future better than their present.

You know, a lot of what can be said about Vandal Savage can also be said about Rip Hunter in this first season. They’re both very one-note. Savage in his neverending mission to kill/marry Hawkgirl and Hunter because all he’s really trying to do seems to be save his family and damn everyone else. It’s just weird to me that Rip won’t go out of his way to help anyone else, especially since the people he’s recruited to his team are the last people you’d want if you’re trying really hard to not mess up the timeline. It’s just like, why not, really? Now they should all go to 1942 Germany and do their best to not kill Hitler (if the Legends went there, they’d probably just kill him accidentally anyway…). My point is that Rip isn’t the best leader and he thinks he can get by with just dealing out orders without having to get involved with either who he’s helping or his fellow team members. Anyone on the team right now would be a better leader, except probably Mick.

They kind of shoehorn a love triangle right in there, but in a way that’s kind of funny in that Stein tries to get rid of Jefferson, his Firestorm cohabitant, tries to get rid of the competition and inadvertently pushes him together with the girl. Kind of hilarious, but it’s still yet another love triangle.

Oliver Queen showing up as an old man is pretty cool too, but his part isn’t huge unfortunately (probably because Stephen Amell was busy filming his own show).


+7: Still a fairly entertaining episode, despite some flaws

+0.5: An old Green Arrow cameo is tight

-1: Rip being a bad leader is totally fine, sometimes characters just don’t know how to lead people. But him being such a one-note character who seems completely resistant to changing. I know this is really a problem for the whole first season (at least) but this is the first time I’ve noticed it, probably because Rip has a much bigger part in this episode than he usually gets, so this negative on this episode is deserved

-1: The love triangle is somewhat funny but it’s still an unnecessary love triangle

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