Spider-Woman s1e4: The Ghost Vikings

Rating: 6.5/10

On a routine expedition, Jessica Drew is attacked by Vikings that seem to have magical powers. But it turns out that really they have some sort of Longship-Time-Machine.

This was a decent B-style episode, which I think is what works about this show, really. Just make it kinda sub-par quality, not allow the characters do anything that makes a whole lot of sense, and throw all logic out the window, and you have a fun and funny “Bad” movie or show. I think that’s what this show is meant to be to some degree. Not something that’s really trying to say something more than just provide a little entertainment for half an hour.

I feel this show is better when it’s actually pulling stuff from the Marvel comics, like when she fought Dormammu a few episodes ago. So it’s a bit disappointing when the one-off villain is a group of nameless vikings. I thought there might have been a twist that it was all being caused by one of the many villains in the Marvel Universe, but it’s just time traveling vikings.


+6.5: Decently fun episode, though not much in the ways of plot or greater themes or anything

+1: Good B-Quality entertainment

-1: The villains are more than a bit lackluster and kinda lame

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