Superman (1941) s1e10: The Japoteurs

Rating: 9/10

Japanese spies infiltrate a bomber in order to blow up Metropolis. In the process, Lois Lane is kidnapped, yet again.

This was actually one of the best episodes of this not-really-a-show so far. It’s just kind of dumb that the Japanese are drawn like characterchures of an entire race of people. I mean, this was made during WWII and after the Bombing of Pearl Harbor, Americans felt the Japanese deserved to be made fun of or shown to be evil. I suppose this isn’t as bad as it is in other media at the time, like some of the stuff locked up in the Disney vault. I mean, the Japanese man isn’t cruel, for example, and seems to be quite intelligent and speaks in a normal tone. Not nearly as bad as it could be, that’s for sure, but still an obvious racial stereotype in how he’s drawn.


+10: As the plot and intensity of the episode shows, this one is very good.

-1: My only problem is how the bad guy is drawn, forgivable because of the stylings of the time because of the tragedies of war, but still very noticable.

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