The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Rating: +7/10

Bruce Banner is on the run from the army after a failed experiment turned him into the Incredible Hulk. Meanwhile, a certain soldier is looking to have the exact same Hulk-like augmentations happen to him.

I’ve always been a huge Hulk fan, and when this first came out in theaters I was very excited. I was much less enthused about Iron Man and completely ignored its theatrical run. Had I seen it I might be disappointed this movie did the same thing with the bad guy basically being the evil version of the hero. Other than that, I still really like this movie, but it hasn’t aged as well as one would hope. It’s barely part of the MCU anyway, Hulk is never played by Edward Norton again and most of the stories presented here are just dropped off and forgotten about. The only major connection is a brief cameo by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) at the very end of the film, and that’s kind of a fault of the film as it feels that it would have been a better movie overall had it just been a standalone Hulk flick. Okay, this is really something I can only think 10 years after the fact, but at the time it was pure excitement leaving the theater as I imagined what could be to come for Hulk in the future. Again, at the time, I didn’t really care about Iron Man until after I rented the movie about a year later on VHS.

As a film, it’s fine. My only issue was a great many slow scenes in the first half of the film which felt more or less like padding because it was. But as a part of the MCU, well, I would say this is a very skippable film as it really never gets called back to in any way in future movies in the franchise.


+8: It’s a decent flick, though not necessary if your speeding your way through the MCU to get caught up for whatever the next one is, or something

-1: The first half is incredibly slow and sprinkled with scenes that lack substance

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